Turning Archive 2004

Update: Jet 1642 motor bearings/vibration

James L. Seigal McMinnville,OR
>It's been almost three weeks but the replacement motor for my new Jet 1642 came this afternoon. I opened the box and gave the motor shaft a spin.....SMOOTH and QUIET! They are supposed to be smooth and quiet aren't they? Out to the shop and off with the old, on with the new. The motor swap took about ten minutes tops. I hooked up all the wires and went to snap in the plastic pinch block and guess what? Daw Gawn It! the hole in the junction box was to SMALL! Soooo, I had to swap junction boxes. That took longer than swapping the motors. Oh well. Now it's time to put her to the test. Very quiet and no vibration. I've turned a few small bowls, and a set of three Black Walnut root burl boxes for the 'Better Half', and three spinning tops. I think this is going to be lots of fun to work with. I am very pleased with this machine and hope to enjoy it for years to come. The only weakness that I've found with this machine is the top tool rack, it could have been designed a little better!;>) Jim S Beautiful McMinnville, Or.

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