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Pen Assembly and Finishing questions

Chuck Ludwigsen
>Please hang in here for some questions at the end.

I use my drill press with a flat head bolt chucked in it to insert the parts of the pens I've started making. I had great luck with the first 5 pens I made and then tragedy happened.

I over-inserted the twist mechanism on Deluxe kits 3 times. I was able to save the turned barrels and reassemble by ripping out the pen tip and using a drill bit in backwards to press out the mechanism. I now have a few kits worth of spare parts as I had to "borrow" the tips to replace the damaged ones.

This morning, while standing in my think tank (shower) the light bulb went on. Why haven't I been setting the drill press max depth to control over-insertion of the twist mechanisms???

I will try that tonight on another pen I'm working on.

So now for the questions...

1) If I invest in a pen press, will I have to manually control insertion depth or does it have stops similar to the drill press max depth?

2) If I invest in the disassembly tool, are the components (tip, twist mechanism, etc) re-usable?

3) I've started trying the CA finish on a couple pens and REALLY like it. Should I still use a sanding sealer after the 220 or 320 grit and at what grit should I stop and apply the CA? Also, what grits do you recommend post CA application?

Thanks for any and all help.

Chuck in Memphis, TN.

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