Turning Archive 2004

An experiment *PIC*

Dinyar Chavda
>I had turned a piece of pine, and, while I liked the shape, it wasn't anything special. I took it with me to a surface treatment workshop given by one of my club members, Mike Kehs--he is REALLY good! Anyway, one of the things that we did was work on this piece and I carved it with a rotary carver and differrent burrs. It looked interesting, and John Williams encouraged me to finish carving it, which I did. The inside was still pretty torn, so I put black Gesso on it. Then I dyed the outside a medium brown color, and added some yellow to it.

Now it looks like a rusted pot. People like it or they hate it!

Probabaly took me as much time learning how to get the image done in PSP as it did to turn it!

Comments welcome, inclluding what you would do to change this, or suggestions for the next one--this is a departure for me, as it is somewhat primitive, and that is not something I usually like. However, I will be "playing" with other shapes and textures---what's a good source for looking at these kinds of textures?



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