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PM3520 question....help

KurtK in Indy
>Hey folks....I'm using my new PM3520 and am noticing that when turning blanks, I am able to actually get the blank to stop (read catch kind of). It appears that the belt is slipping...is this so?? and....is this normal?? I have the belt set to the low turning speeds and have the motor pulled down as far as will go. Do I have a bad drive belt? Is there something else wrong with the drive unit? Am I making much about nothing?

I was turning some natural edge cherry last night and got to where I had the blank round and was forming the outside bowl profile when...as I'm following the bevel and making a nice smooth cut, the bowl bogs down and even stops at some points. I don't think I'm taking too big a bite, but it sure seems that the torque really fades.

I'm hoping that the answer lies in the belt or maybe I have to clean the pulley.....Sorry to babble...a gear head I am not.

Thanks for any insight!!

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