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Lathe run-out problems

Stephen DiCenso
>I have a fairly new Fisch Mini Lathe model TC 90-100. I notice the other day that it was vibrating a little. I checked everything on the lathe to make sure nothing was loose. I started to check the front and back of the headstock. The front tip of the head stock spindle has about .010 to .015 run-out and it is about .020 to .025 at the round knob just outboard of the spindle pulley as checked with a dial indicator. These are +/- .010 as I had some trouble stabilizing the dial indicator. Any thoughts. All I have turned so far are pens. The only way I happened to notice this was cause the last pen I turned never seemed to get completely round. I sounded like I had a flat spot. The pen mandrel could be part of the problem, but I does this even when the mandrel has been removed. Any recommendations.



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Lathe run-out problems
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