Turning Archive 2004

burning toes

John Lucas
>This is for Mike. I was reworking my boring bar this morning and a hot piece of metal from my arc welder fell through my ventilated running shoes. Burned the #@$% out of my toe. I'm sure my neighors thought I was break danceing.

Then when I pulled the bar out of my vice it slipped in my hand. You guessed it. Slipped down and I caught it at the hot end. I had gloves on but still burnt my hand.

Then I was cutting a piece of tubing for the bar and as the hacksaw went through I rammed my knuckle into the vise.

You won't be able to take that boring bar into church for at least a month. I'm going for a bike ride. I'm going to stay off the main roads. The way my luck is going today I'd get run over.

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