Turning Archive 2004

Little reminder about why I like turning

Mike Schwing from Maryland
>Other than the bandsaw and bowls exploding every now and then, there's little "danger" involved in turning.

Shot a 16 gauge nail right through the tip of my middle finger, on the opposite hand that I cut up a few months ago on the bandsaw. Sucker blew right through a soft spot in the wood, and I just happened to have my hand behind it. (dummy!). Was building a lattice enclosure for the heat pump at the request of SWMBO.

No big deal, and I had a tetnus shot about 6 weeks ago. Very clean entry and exit hole, entered the pad and exited the nail. Hurt a bit, but I was more shocked at what happened than in pain. Only a couple drops of blood, but definitely went all the way through.

Good thing I didn't want to die without any scars 'cause I've got tons of them.

Please, no lectures about what not to do, I knew already...(thanks)

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