Turning Archive 2004

Turning wood: Purchase versus Found

Michael Rubes
>Hi all,

I'm just curious as to what people's feelings are about buying wood for turning versus using found or donated wood? I'm talking primarly about bowls/vessels here. One of the great things, to me, about turning is that it gives me a chance to work with some woods that otherwise would never come into my shop. I mean, who's going to build a desk out of lignum vitae or cocabolo or something else really exotic? Right now, I find that I buy about half of what I turn. And it is not always exotics. I've bought plenty of ambrosia and spalted maple along with hard maple, some ash, oak, and other domestic hardwoods. At the same time, I've got found dogwood, ash, pear, walnut, maple, cherry, sweetgum, etc stuff to turn as well.

Anyway, I'm just curious what percentages of bought/found other people use.



Finished a found sweetgum bowl and started a purchased Papau New Guinea Walnut bowl today in Apex, NC

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