Turning Archive 2004

Got me a 20" General!

Dale Sherman - Pompey, NY
>Okay, so most of you guys don't know me, I haven't posted here in awhile. I've been busy chasing work.

But I just had to let some of my turning friends know that I finally landed a used General 26020 VD at a great price! I've been turning on an old Delta 12" x 84" and a General mini (maxi?). the 26020 had a little surface rust and a few paint scrapes, but that's it. It's so smooth running, I can't wait to mount a big hunk o'wood on it.

It came with a 12" bed extension and an extra banjo. It is missing a couple of things, though. I need to get a spur drive and a decent live center for it. Who has good ones at reasonable prices? The local dealer doen't carry the touchup paint, what's close in color in a common brand? And awhile back someone mentioned a source for good, low-cost faceplates. Where do I find those?

Got a crazy workweek ahead of me, so no turning for a few days.

General "will'e turnsome" Sherman, turning in my sleep

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