Turning Archive 2004

Back to turning again *PIC*

Robert Peesel
>Good Morning folks!

A couple, in fact I would even bet I could say NONE, of you might remember me, but I used to be a quiet but regular on rec.crafts.woodturning. I have had online conversations with Lyn and a few others here, but none of which were very memorable for them so I don't expect them to remember me.

Anyway, after much too long a hiatus from the online turning community, I have decided to return. I also thought that I ought to post a pic to show that I do in fact turn. So here is my first attempt at a square bowl done several months ago and given as a gift to some family in Glasgow, Scotland. It is Cocobolo and 7" on a side.

Forgive the picture, but it was taken in a hurry on a dresser top in bad lighting minutes before leaving for Glasgow. And no, I don't live in the U.K. I am a life long resident of Northern Virginia, so those that want to get in touch, feel free.

Anyway, I look forward to chatting with everyone again!


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