Turning Archive 2004

Speaking of hot motors...

Peter Teubel
>I taught a sharpening class at the local Woodcraft store last week. We used 3 different slow speed grinders. The $95 Woodcraft import, Delta Shopmaster GR450 (variable speed), and the Delta Industrial 23-725. The ginders were running for about 4 hours straight.

The 23-725 was barely warm, while the other two were hot enough to burn your hand. They still worked fine, but it just goes to show you the difference between a "home" model and industrial model in severe use.

Personally, I have Woodcraft model and the GR450 but they are never on for more than a few minutes at a time so I never experienced the heat. The GR450 is my traveling grinder because its the lightest 8" model I could find.

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