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Bandsaw Tuneup Question

>Hello fellow woodworkers,

Iíve been reading this web site for a several months now and there are a lot of interesting and quite informed wood workers on this site.

I just bought a new 18-inch band saw and Iím trying to get it tuned up. The problem Iím having is the blade moves in and out a little more than a 16th of an inch while it is running. I have a brand new blade on it and tried a second. It appears to be tracking correctly and the tension is set.

Iím not sure if the upper wheel is in the same plane as the lower wheel or how to check that accurately. I know the upper wheel tilts to adjust the tracking and the lower wheel has adjustment bolts. I guess I need to know how to measure the relationship of the two wheels and set them correctly.

I have not checked the wheels for run out yet that could be the problem also. They donít appear to be wobbling. After running it for a short time making some practice cuts and aligning the guides I noticed that the upper wheel bearing was warm to the touch. Not sure how normal this is.

I spent most of this weekend working on the guides. This band saw has ball bearing carter type guides. The problem I had with them is that they would not follow the blade when I would adjust the upper blade guide carriage up and down. I loosened the blade guide carriage mounting bolts and adjusted it side to side. With this adjustment the side bearings follow the sides of the blade when moving the carriage up and down. The back bearing still did not follow the back of the blade when adjusting the carriage up and down. For this fix I had to shim the upper blade guide carriage out at the top. One more problem I havenít solved yet is the side bearings are not perfectly parallel to the blade.

I would like to get this band saw to work as good as possible. I donít mind spending the time and understand the manufactures canít afford to. Any help is welcome I havenít used a band saws much compared to my other woodworking equipment. Equipment that works well get used a lot and I know there is a lot you can do with a band saw and some jigs. Is there more I can do to tune this saw to run at the best of its ability?

Thanks and Best Wishes,

Iím learning a lot about this saw and I really like it so far despite the work Iíve had to do to it and more I still intend to.

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