Turning Archive 2004

Thoughts and ? re: spindle extender

Mike Schwing from Maryland
>Hi all.

I have been using, very happily, a spindle extender from BestWoodTools.com, on my PM 3520a. I have been very impressed by this piece of machine work, its is extremely beefy, and very, very accurate, producing no measurable runout as compared to the spindle alone.

I really enjoy the extra working distance away from the headstock (4"), and while I have some long term worries about the effect it might have on the bearings, I use it anyway.

I have two design improvements for it, and have twice communicated them to the maker, with no response, so I'm considering making them myself.

One - it should have a set screw to lock it in place. Aggressive braking or reverse operation _could_ allow it to screw itself off. It never has and in fact I need a pipe wrench to get it off when needed.

Two - now that I'm using a vacuum chuck system, I REALLY REALLY want to bore a hole in the extender so I can use it with the vac system. I'd need to send it to a machine shop for both fixes, this is hardened steel I couldn't possibly bore on my own.


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