Turning Archive 2004

mahog form and goof up recovery (PIC)

Mike Schwing from Maryland
>Hollowed straight through the bottom of the form on this one, even though I predrilled with about 3/16-1/4" to spare. Didn't know it till I looked inside and saw the glue block showing through. At least I used an attractive glue block (walnut) This was about the only thing I could figure to do with it. Obviously I couldn't make the bottom really round.

Woodcraft, at least ours locally, has really good, REALLY good prices on thick, wide, mahogany blanks right now. They almost never have decent prices on lumber but this was exceptional. I picked up wood to make about 6 more of these, for about $30.

About 6" wide, sanded to 12000 grit, lacquered (3 coats) and buffed on wheels.

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