Turning Archive 2004

My stupidity == My injury

Chuck Ludwigsen
>Well, I got careless! And now I'm paying for it. This is confession.

Safety is very important to me. But I slipped up tonight. Fortunately the injury was more "wake up call" than tragedy.

While chain-sawing a bunch of Cedar, Gum, and Ambrosia Maple with my friend, Ryan, I went to hit the chain brake with the back of the hand that was on the upper handle while at the same time I reached under to remove the shavings that had jammed up where the chain meets the motor housing. Well, I missed locking the chain before the thumb on the other hand contacted it.

Fortunately, it hit the tip of the nail first and just the tip of the thumb. Scared the stew out of me and bled good and hurts bad, but did not even go deep enough into the thumb to warrant a trip to the hospital.

Worst part was I scared myself and my best friend so bad that we BOTH just about passed out. Good thing my wife and his were both there too. They were the coolest heads in the group.

I can't begin to tell you how stupid I felt for getting in too much of a hurry. I'll be paying for it with the pain as well as the loss of the turning time this evening. There is a rule in this house. If there is a shop injury resulting from a safety error, the shop time is over for the day.

Like I said, this is confession. Please be careful friends.

Chuck in Memphis, TN.

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