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some notes from last night's chat

>Don't know if anyone's interested, but here are some notes from TD's chat last night that I found useful:

I use Miniwax hardener sometimes and a water based lacquer occassionally to firm up soft areas.
Miniwax is HIGHLY flammable
No discolor at all
Miniwax hardener works good if you donít put too much on at a time. USE IT OUTSIDE ONLY though.
Use too much at a time and the wood will crack
Lucas: Thinned Deft Laquer to harden punky wood. Thinned because it will soak all the way through with multiple applications.
When I use plastic bags, I wrap the wood with several layers of newspapers first.

Russ: Thinned white glue, CA, Thinned varnish (to harden punky wood)
Trash compactor bags are best.
Bags work well for spalting oak
Russ: get some mushroom starter plugs and put in the ends. will give balck-line spalt to Maple.

Barb: It will spalt, but there is a very short time between spalt and rot.

Lucas: I seal one end and set the other end on the ground. Works good but I donít do it enought to predict when to stop it. (Peebles)I also put some shavings on the top end to , and keep it wet. (Russ) That works for any wood that is porous in the long direction. Holly and Oak do well when stook on end on grass in a damp spot.
Cover the top end to keep it from cracking.

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some notes from last night's chat
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