Turning Archive 2004

One Way Chuck Question

Jerry Whitaker
>I had to take my One Way Stronghold chuck apart and it was very difficult. It just got too hard to operate. After I got the Keeper Ring off, I had a heck of a time getting the threaded adapter outta there. I finally had to screw it to the headstock of the lathe, get a hammer and beat against the body of the chuck with a piece of 1x2 pine.....demolished three of the boards so finally started hitting the chuck directly with some light blows and finally it came loose. I do not want to have to repeat this scenario ever again. Any suggestions as to what to do? Some kind of lube maybe in the taper? If so, what kind. Also the jaws are a little sluggish as they move in their grooves. I am afraid that any kind of lube will attract even more fine dust and make the chuck difficult to operate.....any suggestions would be appreciated.

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