Turning Archive 2004

unsolicited Woodturning Design mag arrived

Don R. Salisbury - Glendora, CA
>Howdy all,

I usually lurk, but thought I'd post this since I've not heard of this publication before. I just received an unsolicited "Woodturning Design" published by Jerry Cohen of All American Crafts, Inc (Illinois?). I don't have a clue where they got my name. As for the magazine, it has lots of color photos and how-to articles. It looks well-made. I have not yet read the articles and cannot comment on substantive quality. They want me to subscribe. The price is reasonable, but SWMBO will scream if I subscribe to even one more WW mag. So I have to weigh the pros and cons carefully. Afterall, there are still many tools to acquire :)

Does anyone else know of this publication,its quality, and the usefulness of its articles? Just curious.


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