Turning Archive 2004

Bubinga form, finished (PIC)

Mike Schwing from Maryland
>Thanks for the design help yesterday everyone. I took notes and made only very slight modifications. The interior of this form is very far from impressive. The wood was very dense and hard and dry and the transitions from end grain to long grain are rough and bumpy and prevented my tool from cutting properly.

Finished by sanding to 12000 with micro mesh, one coat of Watco Natural, one coat of Mylands Cellulose Sanding Sealer, and then buffed with tripoli compound and finally carnuba wax.

I really like this finishing method. Its fast and produces a shine that can't be beat, while still providing tactile clues about the wood's natural look and feel. I don't normally fill pores, I like them to show a little. Plus, this method is fast. From completing sanding to final buffing can take as little as an hour.

Comments and critiques welcomed.

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