Turning Archive 2004

Finishing question, mainly re tung oil

Wolf Kiessling
>I bought some "pure" tung oil from woodcraft and found that the finish I get is extremely dull and lifeless. I thought that pure tung oil would have a little luster. As an experiment, I applied one coat of natural danish oil to the inside of the bowl and got exactly the look I was looking for.

I have used tung oil before and gotten an increasingly glossy surface by the application of additional coats of tung oil. In retrospect, however, I'm not sure that was "pure" tung oil. It may have been one of the "tung oil finishes" that contains little or no tung oil. It was so long ago that I can't remember.

Now to the question. Is there something wrong with the woodcraft product, am I possible doing something wrong (so far, I have applied about eight coats of the tung oil), am I mistaken in the belief that I can get some luster out of tung oil?

I would like to have some info prior to finishing this project. I am reserving the application of danish oil to the outside of the bowl as an act of last resort.

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