Turning Archive 2004

Wooden Bowl Art Exhibit - and a sandpaper link: *LINK*

David Hammond, in Powder Springs GA
>I'll be in the shop for the next nine weeks guys and gals, so I won't be posting, or reading here a whole lot. I've got a bunch of work to do preparing for a show: some fifty or more bowls have got to be finished before July 17th, the date for the first show My Dad & Me, Inc. will be hosting, at our home, in our own gallery (which we're building right now, literally). All the bowls have been finish turned, twenty or so are done but for the final touching up of the finish, and the others still need sanding, and finishing. So, I was hunting some sanding supplies, and found this link - here are some fantastic prices! Most sites want anywhere from 20 to 60 dollars for a pack of 50 sheets of Wet/Dry sandpaper - this place is getting 10 to 15. Hope somebody can use the link. There is the possibility that if we get done preparing for this show a week early, I might open our new gallery for any of you folks to come by - I'll let everyone know, if anyone is interested. And if before doesn't happen, I'll probably plan a Saturday after the show, for anyone to drop by, and tell me what I'm doing wrong :o)

Buried in the shop,

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