Turning Archive 2004

Hollowing tool db rating?

Mike Schwing from Maryland
>I own and use the Kelton large (and medium) hollowing tools with the big heavy duty handle as well. The noise is so loud I simply cannot take as big a bite as the tool will safely allow, consequently making hollowing a very time consuming and frustrating process. It seems that the larger the workpiece the louder the noise.

Last night I resorted to wearing my shooter's earmuffs while hollowing and that made things quite nice, I could work in the manner I felt the tool could handle with no ear discomfort.

For those of you who also hollow by hand, do you have this issue? What tools are you using? Do you have any suggestion for me, or is this what I'm to live with, or perhaps I'm doing something wrong. My only turning lessons come from WC, so its a good possibility I'm doing it incorrectly.

For those with a hollowing rig, do you still have to contend with a noise issue?


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