Turning Archive 2004

Hollowform and "Coffee" Pot *PICS*

Chuck Ludwigsen
>Here are 2 pieces I finished this past week. I hope you like them. Your critiques and comments are appreciated.

The first piece is a Boxelder and Wenge hollowform. This is my 2nd hollow turning and the first piece I've ever made with more than 1 wood type. It is 5" diam x 4" tall. The really cool thing about this piece is that it sold the day after I finished it. I was showing some coworkers and one of the company VPs came by and wanted to buy it. The other cool part is that another co-worker then asked me to make her a piece similar to one on my website. All in all an unexpectedly great day.

This next piece was more of an attempt to save a piece of Cherry I cut back in 1997. When I got to turning it, I discovered quite a bit of voids and cracks. Having never tried the Coffee filler before, I gave it a shot. Man, that works GREAT. The piece made it, I'm not sure how well the form works. My wife called it a flower pot. So I told her it was a coffee pot. ;-).

Well, there you have it...

Chuck in Memphis, TN.

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