Turning Archive 2004

Chat Last Night-longish

>I'm new to this chat stuff because I can rarely spare the time. Made time last night to see what it is all about. Thought learning more about peoples "real" lives might be interesting. Is that how things normally work? I could not figure out which room I was in, if there really is more than one room, or which end was up where. Very confusing. Seemed most people, probably the "regulars", knew what they were doing but several messages about "where are you" or "WHAT other room" indicated not everyone was on the same page. I put a few (very few) messages in and got no response at all. Couldn't tell if any one saw them. I know how woodwoody felt when he asked "is anybody out there, can you see me?", kind of invisible. Who knows, I might have even had something interesting to contribute, even thought I'm a rookie. Somebody said the links got switched or something. I just started from the home page and clicked on the chatroom bar to get in. Did I do something wrong? Hope things go better next time (if there is a next time). Any insights will be appreciated.

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