Turning Archive 2004

Last day

Don Henthorn
>Tomorrow I rent the truck and load all the worldly possessions I am plagued with but will
still keep and get out of this house. The auctioneer wants me and everything which isn't
for sale gone so his crew can come in and begin sorting and tagging for the upcoming
estate auction. I hope to be back in about 30 days to get the house ready for sale, but who
knows how things will be in 30 days. Just wanted to thank the moderators and all the
great participants of this board for the good times. I was disappointed when BP closed
and although this site is probably equal to BP there was something about BP that nothing
could replace. Still, I can probably say the same thing about this site. Will probably be
back on line in thirty days but wanted to get this said just in case. Cheers!!!! I won't be
staying on line to read any replies. so rest your fingers

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