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What a weekend!

Greg W. in NC
>This had to be one of the best woodturning weekends I've had! First, our Hickory woodturning club hosted Chris Stott for an all day demo. Excellent! I was sitting right in front of the lathe, and when he started that off-center turning, well, I had to go take pictures from another angle (behind him)! :-) Terry Daniels posted a message a couple of weeks ago about Chris, and I second his positive comments about Chris!

Next, I was fortunate enough to spend a day with him in a class. There were 6 of us taking this class. Chris is not only a wonderful turner, but a master teacher as well! Ever the gentleman, he quickly and dutifully pointed out mistakes, room for improvement, etc - but all in a positive light. What an inspiration!

If any of you get a chance to see him demo, or better yet, to take a class with him, do it!

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What a weekend!
I know the feeling!
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