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PM3520A Help Please

Jerry Hall
>I am close to deciding to buy a 3520 based on what I see as very positive feedback from the AAW site and Wood Central. I have the following questions to help me close in on my decision:

1. It seems that the 3520 is a highly regarded lathe and is in use by well experienced capable turners, and that it is a lathe that you could grow a long way with. Is this right?

2. Is this overkill for a first lathe? I am an experienced, serious woodworker, but have only turned two bowls, one on a Nova DVR and the other on a big Oneway at a seminar by our local club. I did a some long (7') simple spindle work on an old shopsmith. I think I have the bug, and am willing to invest in this price range to see where I go, if it makes sense as a first lathe.

3. I plan to order a remote switch and a short tool rest. Any other options that are recommended for an initial order?

4. Are the locking levers on the 3520 easy to use, and effective? I read some recent concerns about their usability. I was most impressed with the ease of use of the locking levers on the Oneway, less so with the Nova.

5. Has Jet been a good service provider on the Powermatic line?

Great forum. Thanks for your consideration.

Jerry Hall

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