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Gallery Gloat

>Hey folks,

Just wanted to post a short gloat. I've gotten into a gallery. I originally was contacted about placing some pens in the gallery because the current vendor has become less that dependable in the quality area. In our conversations, I let her know that I turned bowls as well. I took 8 bowls to show and before I knew what hit me, she had me filling out the paper work and leaving all 8 bowls. I couldn't believe it. Now if they'll just sell.

A special thanks to all of you who gave me some good advice on pricing during last Wednesday night's chat. Some of the bowls I underpriced, but I think they will begin to get my name out in the community and I'll not price so low anymore.

I'm a happy camper!

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Gallery Gloat
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Congrats!!! *NM*
thanx *NM*
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