Turning Archive 2004

Some in work progress (PIC)

Mike Schwing from Maryland
>I can't STAND to have unfinished projects, and these are killing me. The reason they're unfinished, and I guess this is a stealth gloat, is that the Oneway rotary adapter for my new vacuum chuck system hasn't arrived. I wanted to use it on these items, two of which are too big for my Cole Jaws and one irregular. Yeah, I could do it the old fashioned way, but...

The bottoms of these 4 items aren't done, the tenons are still on them and no underside detail has been added. Still, they're promising. Turned the big platter start to finish this afternoon. The others have been having finish coats added to them for a week or two.

One quilted maple platter, one burr walnut "cracked" plate inside a "cracked" bowl, one cherry burl (thanks to Doug Trembath for instruction and encouragement), and one little ash bowl.

Johnny Tolly set me up with the vac chuck system and he couldn't be nicer and easier to work with.

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