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Jet 1642 vibration

James L. Seigal McMinnville,OR
>I picked up my Jet 1642 this afternoon, put it together and before I put a chunck of wood on it I gave the face plate a spin by hand and the bearings sounded dry and rough. I have been a truck and auto mechanic and have worked on machinery at times and when I hear a bearing make that kind of noise it gets replaced! I turned the machine on and slowly ran the speed up to the max rpm, about 3275, and back down. At about 2800rpm a vibration starts to become noticeable. At 3K rpm it is very noticeable. I made sure all four feet were on the floor, no difference. Played with belt tension, no difference. The vibration is worse with the face plate on, which I would expect. When I looked at the 1642 on the floor at Woodcrafters, it didn't exhibit either problem. Question, has anyone else experienced these issues on their new 1642? TIA Jim S

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Jet 1642 vibration
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