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Drill press problem [kinda long]

>I'm fairly new to woodturning. I bought a little Grizzly 8" bench top drill press in January. It's my first drill press.

Now, I knew it wasn't the top of the line when I bought it. But I do mostly small stuff--pens, candlesticks, tool handles--and don't have room for a larger drill press.

When I first got it, I noticed that the quill had some lateral play in it. I talked to a Technician at Grizzly and he told me to send it back. They replaced the chuck but didn't fix the lateral play. I've been told that the play is normal up to a point. OK. But when I put a brad point drill bit into the new chuck and center it (from two directions) on the center mark of a pen blank and then manually turn the chuck a half turn, the point of the bit is now off center by at least a sixteenth of an inch...again in two directions. The point is making a small circle as I turn the chuck.

I can't believe this is normal Am I wrong? Any advice or help would be appreciated.

And any recommendations for a more precise drill press at or preferably under $100 would be welcome. How about the Delta?



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Drill press problem [kinda long]
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