Turning Archive 2004

3520 bed extension

John Lucas
>My 18" bed extension came in. Surprise the screws only fit in one side. Apparently the other end would be where you would attach the long bed extension. I had to turn the lathe around. I wanted the bed extension on the motor end because it will seldom be used and it doesn't take up as much room in the shop while it's sitting under the motor.

The extension is substatial weighing 57 pounds. This makes it tough to install. I'll give you a hint. snug the bolts and set the bed too high. then tap on it with a deadblow hammer until you get it aligned. It has to be exact with very little room for error.

I'm excited. I have a commission for a 48" lamp. it will pay for the extension.

I got it for $175 from the Toolnut. We ordered it in January and just got it. The Toolnut was apologetic. Apparently we had to wait for the slowboat from China, literally.

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