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Textured Cherry Bowl

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>Hi Everyone,

Below are some pictures of a cherry bowl I just finished last night. As you can see, this bowl features a 1/2" wide textured band, bordered by (2) burned lines. This was my first real attempt at texturing, and I found the technique took some getting used to. I found it to be a lot like using a chatter tool. It all depends on the way that you have the tool address the bowl, the speed the bowl is turning, the angle of the tool, and the pressure you exert. I used my shop built texturing tool on this bowl, and I was very pleased with the results. After I finished with the texturing, I used my spear point scraper to cut (2) shallow grooves on the borders of the textured area. I was going to leave them as is, but decided to "set off" the textured band by burning the lines in with a guitar string.

Side view of textured Cherry Bowl

Side view of textured Cherry Bowl

Top view of textured Cherry Bowl

Bottom view of textured Cherry Bowl

This bowl represents another small first for me. When dealing with problematic end grain (end grain that refuses to cut smoothly no matter what) I normally turn to wet sanding with a 50/50 mix of varnish and mineral spirits. This time, I wiped on this mix and allowed it to dry over night (basically allowing it to act as a sanding sealer). The next night, I power sanded from 100 to 220 grit, then used my passive sander all the way up to 600 grit. I then applied the texturing, and then progressed all the way to 2000 grit.

Bowl Specs:

Outer dia.: 9 1/4"

Height: 2 3/4"

Wall wall thickness: 1/4"

Base dia.: 3 1/4"

Sanding Method: Seal Coat of 50% Mineral spirits/50% varnish and then dry sanded to 2000 Grit.

Finish: Watco's Danish Oil

Final: Buffed with Beall System

Thanks for viewing.

See ya around,

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