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Sophie’s Sixth Annual BBQ reminder

David Sophusson, Custer Wa.
>Hi All!
A post on the main forum about an article that Barb S. wrote for PW on ‘Internet Meetings’ reminded me that I needed to put out another reminder for this years BBQ. It will be on the weekend of July 17th this year.
As Barb’s article points out these get-togethers really brings folks from forums like WC here closer together. It changes the way you think when you post knowing that you have actually met the person your responding to. You may of noticed in posts once in awhile a little bantering going on. Well a lot of that is because folks have met and know one another better than just another poster on a forum and gives you a sense of folks being a family. Six years ago I couldn’t believe all the people who came from all over the country to our first BBQ just because they wanted to put a face with a name, the attendance was amazing considering my location!
Even if you can’t get to ours this year there are now get-togethers all over the country and I encourage you to try to attend one. Bill Five Barns is having his the weekend following ours and there are others that will be happening as the year goes along.
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Sophie’s Sixth Annual BBQ reminder
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