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Eastern(?) Aspen Trees

Doug Trembath
>As some of you know, I moved to SW PA in the last couple of years, and have learned a bunch about the eastern hardwood forest, being on about 80 acres of trees, and adjacent to many, many more. I was walking my woods with a forester last week, and he pointed out an Aspen tree. Certainly doesn't look anything like the Aspen I grew up with in the forests in Colorado, hence my question.

Do you guys know what this wood looks like when cut? I have some magnificent trees, long, clear trunks about 30" in diameter. My friend said the wood looks like the other Aspen, but it's extremely brittle, so they don't like to take it out of the woods for sale.

If it's the same color as the ones I know, and the size I have, it might be the answer to a prayer of mine.

Any ideas?

Doug Trembath
Studio in the woods

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