Turning Archive 2004

Square Edge Bowl *LINK* *PIC*

Richard Allen
>Zebrawood 8" x 1 1/2", the finish is satin "wipe on tung oil finish".

When I started this bowl I had a piece of 8x8x2 zebrawood. As I started shaping the piece I thought a square edge bowl would be nice. I like to have a lip to the bowl so I turned this with a 3/8" lip to the bowl part. This is the piece where I hurt my finger. The injury occurred as I was sanding and the power sander hit a wing and threw my hand into the post of the banjo.

When I came back, from taking care of the wound, I noticed how nice the backside of the bowl looked. I looked at the front and discovered that the lip of the bowl disrupted the lines of the wood. I thought about it for a while and decided that the lip had to go. This is the result.



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