Turning Archive 2004

Tree ID help

steve antonucci
>I was at my SIL's house yesterday. She has a very large tree in her yard. The trunk is 5' in diameter for abot 15-20' before going into 5 or 6 massive leaders (2').

I would describe the tree as being as wide as it is tall, with a very broad canopy. Overall, I'd guess that this tree is 70' tall. The leaves are 5 to a stem and opposite in two pairs and the last at the tip. The leaves appeared long and spearlike, with tiny serrations. The bark is coarse and has a criss cross pattern.

In doing my best research, I narrowed it down to the ash family ( I think), but most of the sites detail ashes as having more than 5 leaves per stem. The tree is very old, and the bottom is beginning to rot. When it falls (not any time soon), I expect to have a lot of cutting to do.


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