Turning Archive 2004

No hole in spindle?

Doug Whitson in Phoenix AZ.
>Hi all, I'm the guy that got the General 14 X40 lathe as a Christmas present. I'm a flat work guy but have gotten some gouges and other goodies. Now-what to turn? I decided to try my hand at pens. I tried to get a mandrill with a starter kit but Brad at Packard hardwoods tells me I can't get one if I don't have a hole in my spindle (i.e. Morse taper), I have one in the tail stock but he says that won't work. So my question is-I found a nova chuck on Ebay for $104.00 plus shipping. This is about the cost of the lathe. Is it worth it? Or should I go with a knock off for $44.00? I assume I can make pens if I have the chuck. Sorry for rambling and multiple questions but I really don't know where else to turn. (pun intended)
Thanks in advance for your patience and wisdom sharing.

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