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Need Peppermill wood types!!

Chuck Ludwigsen
>Hi folks,

I was ask to make a salt and pepper mill set for someone and find myself in a bit of a bind.

I had picked up a piece of African Walnut that I thought would be good. First of all, this stuff wood set any smoke detector off when cutting or drilling. I was going at a slow, even pace and everything. I roughed one of them and started drilling the base, it generated so much heat, no matter what I did, that it cracked the wood.

So, this one is wastewood, I don't want them to be of different woods, so I need to go buy something else before next week.

Can y'all recommend other good, STABLE, woods for peppermills? Something that is naturally foodsafe and won't crack up like this did? By the way, the fumes this stuff gave off when it was smoking makes me think the Almighty was telling me not to use it. I think I'll listen to Him. My sinuses are inflamed and I WAS wearing a respirator.

Any help on wood types wood be appreciated. Medium to dark preferably. I have the Colco hardwoods store here that I'll check out based on your recommendations.


Chuck in Memphis, TN.

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