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Willow bowl (pics)

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>Hi Everyone,

Below are some pictures of a Willow bowl I just finished last night. Mike Rubes gave me this hunk of Willow last year at Bill Grumbine's BBQ. I immediately rough turned it, and allowed it to air dry until last week.

Bottom view of Willow bowl

Plan view of Willow bowl

Bottom view of Willow bowl

Elevation view of Willow bowl

At the time I rough turned the willow blank, I was thinking more along the lines of utilitarian bowls. Hence the rather uncomplicated nature of the profile, as well as the greater than average (for me at least) wall thickness. While final turning, I decided to add a rolled bead at the rim to break up the rather stark profile. But what I also didn't want to do is distract from the unique appearance of the wood. IMHO, the many bore holes give this an almost "artsy" feel.

If you've never turned willow before, you're in for a surprise. Willow is much like Silver Maple in that it will "fuzz" unless cut with a very sharp tool. I started out trying to fill the worm holes with Turquoise Inlace. But due to the small size of the holes, and my inexperience in using this substance, I ended up turning all of it away. After that failed, I decided that the holes were better left "as is".

Bowl Specs:

Outer dia.: 11 1/4"

Height: 4"

Wall wall thickness: 1/2"

Base dia.: 3 1/4"

Sanding Method: Wet Sanding to
2000 Grit.

Finish: Watco's Danish Oil

Final: Buffed with Beall System

Thanks for viewing.

See ya around,

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