Turning Archive 2004

My first hollow form (PICs)

Mike Schwing from Maryland
>This was one of those special blanks that I didn't think I could do proper justice with my turning skills. But you guys convinced me to have a go at it anyway. I've been working on this for a week, and just finished it on the buffing wheels. It is about 11" high, and the walls are anywhere from 1/8" to 3/8" thick. This was very difficult but rewarding. I turned it wet and it was dry by the time I was done. Finished with laquer and buffed on the wheels. I used the large Kelton hollowing tools and loved the heavy duty mass behind them.

MY critiques first, and I'd be happy to have yours as well. I would have liked to make the entrance hole smaller, it is about 1 1/8" wide. I had a very hard time narrowing the outside of the neck. I need to practice making beads and coves more before trying this again. I think the top should be smaller in diameter and the inward curve of the neck (outside) should actually be a continuous curve (I tried, but need practice). I'm satisfied with the outside curve, I don't see any flat spots and it curves all the way down to the bottom. Sanding was satisfactory but not perfect. First time I ever added any details to anything, ever, and they seem to be appropriate to me. The inlay is 2 part epoxy and "Disco Black" glitter from Michael's.

Anyway, thanks for encouraging me. This was fun and I suspect I'll be turning fewer bowls from now on.

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