Turning Archive 2004

2 firsts and a 2nd - *PIC* *CRITIQUE*

Chuck Ludwigsen
>Here is the pic of the 2nd bowl I have sold (yesterday) along with a couple more "firsts". This is my first natural-edged bowl and first pen.

First, the second. This Spalted BoxElder bowl is my second sold bowl. It is just over 8" diameter and about 4-1/4" tall. The walls are very thin at about 3/16". It is sanded through 1500 and finished with paste wax only (at the buyer's request).

Next, a first. This Cherry natural-edged bowl was exciting to turn. I finished it with Tung Oil and reverse-turned the bottom with a Jam chuck. I don't think I could have done this before getting the Jet 1236 lathe. Here are 2 views of the bowl. It is about 7-1/2" diameter and about 4-1/2" tall at the wings.

And last, another first. I finally got my Jep pen mandrel and a few supplies and turned my first pen. Here it is... I'm hooked.

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