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PM 3520 Delivered - Long

George Van
>Last week the phone rang and it was UP Delivery with a 776# package. Load limits are still on so I had him deliver to SS Sports in Mercer and met him there. They took their forklift and put it in the back of my truck. I brought it home, took off, and place it in the shop with the bobcat. I had it wired and cleaned by evening and finished roughing a bowl.

At first it seemed like I had never turned before, not that Im an experienced turner. I took my time and adjusted the rest, my PM 45 rest was so high I never had to worry, this one the rest rests 1 lower than center. Then I adjusted the speed to 200 rpm and started to rough, realizing I did not have to re-trim the blank to get it to fit above the ways. I noticed immediately the ability to change the angle of the gouge and see the results, good or bad, without problems. It was much easier than at 600rpm, and I believe safer for a beginner like me. I was able to use the tools in many angles I was afraid to try for fear of bad catches or dismounting the piece. I believe I will be able to learn a lot faster with the variable speed.

I did notice that there is not the safety of a slipping belt that the PM 45 has. For that reason I will have to stay sharp, but I think the initial starting speeds will be a big help. I did notice that it helps to have the speed higher as the blank balances.

Sliding the head forward and removing the tailstock after the blank was reversed to the chuck was also nice and very easy on my back. I was able to have full movement for the tool handle which was a treat for me. I could easily come across the blank with the handle lowered and start the final cut down the inside of the bowl with a curl and come across the bottom.

I have been roughing out a lot of blanks I had stored before they start to split.

I think the 3520 will allow me to learn faster and turn safer and more comfortably.

Thanks to all who recommended the lathe, it was good advice!


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