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Blessings and Storms - bit LONG and a bit OT

Chuck Ludwigsen
>I got them both last night.

I sold my 2nd bowl today and for a good price. I will post the pictures tonight. I also have an order for another salt/pepper mill set - this one paid. So the woodturning is going well and actually adding to the bank account side of life.

But last night I got hit by a left hook and a right jab. My loving Great Pyrenes dog bit a neighborhood kid on my property and the IRS sent me a lovely letter asking for a (larger) donation.

The boy is fine and the bite did not puncture. While I know it is our responsibility, I am pleased that his mother does not intend to sue. She is begin very kind. Still, even a nip from a 120 lb dog hurts and I feel terrible for what happened.

The IRS also informed me I declared some income incorrectly and owe them a nice bit of change. I can see where I made the error and can not really argue with them. So now I have to figure out how to pay them back.

So I think the professional side of my woodturning is going into involuntary high gear. I'm hoping to sell my bowls to whomever is interested. If I sell between 50 and 100 at decent prices, I can cover the IRS donation. The peppermills cost a fair bit to make due to the mechanisms, but I will do those if I get enough interest. I'll also be starting some pens with the supplies I picked up over the weekend.

Any other ideas on venues, items, or just experiences with the IRS that would either help or just encourage me would be appreciated ;-/. It has been a tough day.

I'm praying my Pastor's favorite prayer today... "Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God". I know He will see me through this, just fighting the discouragement.

Thanks for listening. I look at this group as good friends.

Chuck in Memphis, TN

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