Turning Archive 2004

Natural Edge Cherry (pics)

Bill Grumbine, Kutztown PA
>Good morning all

You may recall that a short while ago I was having trouble with the bark on a natural edged cherry bowl. I finally got some pictures of it, although they were taken quickly, and I do not yet have my tent built yet. This is the one where Russ recommended filling the holes with glue and coffee. I actually used glue and dust to keep closer to the color of the bark, and it worked out pretty well.

I had this one at the show last weekend too, although it did not sell. However, if I could have charged rent, I would be a rich man. Of all the pieces on the table, this one and a small spalted maple dish were handled by just about everyone who walked into the booth.

Here is a shot looking down from above. Overall size is 12" in diameter, about 4" high, and about 1/4" thick. Finish is Watco Danish Oil and buffed.

Thanks for looking.


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