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Cherry Burl Bowl

Bill Grumbine, Kutztown PA
>Good afternoon all

I am sitting here watching the rain pour down outside me office window. It will not be long before the grass is poking up above the sill either. I have neglected my yard duties in my frantic rush to be ready for a show this past weekend. It was an okay show, nothing to brag about. I made enough at it that I will do it again next year, but it was a far cry from the artist tour show I have done in my own shop - err, studio for the past two years.

One piece that did sell, and the one that saved the day, is this cherry burl bowl. The pictures I have are not the best, but I took them on Friday night before the show and after a week of long days and broken machines. To say that I was in a hurry would be a bit of understatement.

This piece of cherry burl got "lost" in our move a few years ago. I came across it while looking for some potential pen wood. It was sitting in a box with a bunch of scraps. I was looking for some last minute pieces that could be turned to finish right away, and this one became an instant candidate. The wood had been harvested close to 10 years ago, so I knew it was dry enough.

Here is a shot looking down inside. The shape is okay. I wasn't real happy with how straight the sides come out, and was seriously contemplating putting it back on the lathe to get a bit more of a curve. SWMBO forbade me to do so, fearing a disaster. She said it looked fine, and I should take it the way it was. I did like the way the wing came out. That was a real challenge, as the upper right edge was a bit punky and full of bug holes. It required several applications of CA glue to hold it on. Something in the wood acted as a natural accelerator too. When I squirted the glue into the crack, smoke came out and there was a hissing, crackling sound, and glue foamed up out of the crack like it does when accelerator is sprayed on right away! I almost broke the first two fingers on my left hand while sanding. The paper slipped, and I got caught in the "propeller". Ouch! They hurt for an hour or so, but nothing broken, not even skin.

The finish is Watco Danish Oil only. There was no way I was going to buff this thing, what with all the inclusions and the rotten bits. Overall size from tip to tip is approximately 12". The bowl is about 7" or so, and wall thickness is about 1/4" throuhgout. I am supplying details from estimates and memory, as I did not get around to measuring it, and I truly did not expect to sell it, as I had tagged it very high. But, sell it did, and for cash money, so I am a happy turner.

If anyone would care to offer critiques on the form, I would be glad to entertain comments and suggestions.

Thanks for taking a peek.


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