Turning Archive 2004

major muscle

Mike Schwing from Maryland
>As an admitted "loner" and highly motivated (otherwise known as obsessive-compuslive)individual, I'm very used to, and enjoy, working on my own. But I'm happy to have help when available, too. And the kind of help I had yesterday I'd take any day of the week.

Met Scott Stefanoski yesterday morning at out local Woodcraft and then drove over to a nearby house where a 20' long x 20" diameter cherry log was waiting for us, carefully propped up so just a tiny base was touching the ground.

I'd never met Scott before, and while I'm a slight 145 pounds, Scott is probably double me and self admittely used to humping heavy loads from his time in the service.

The owner of this tree didn't want our trucks backing up on his green grass so were restricted to a double wide wheelbarrow, and the trip to the log was probably 200 feet up a slight incline.

We marked out the cut lines on the log and then added support underneath where appropriate so we could continously buck sections that were in the air and would fall right off.

That danged Scott wouldn't even let me handle a log. Sucker lifted giant sections right onto his wheelbarrow and pushed them up to the truck. All he'd let me do was run my saw and rake up after ourselves. I've rarely seen a guy able to lift things like that.

Normally, when I'm alone, I have to cut them into blanks on the jobsite because I can't lift whole logs, but not yesterday. We loaded up both of our trucks with those big cherry logs, drove to my house, dumped them, sorted, stacked and then reloaded them onto Scott's truck. Oops, let me restate that - SCOTT did. Once again, he'd not let me lift them.

I feel a little guilty, but he's bigger than me and I wasn't about to counter him without heavy armor.

Scott can ride with me ANY DAY! Thanks Scott.

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