Turning Archive 2004

Well, it's my turn for a gloat...

Doug Trembath
>Today I had the pleasure of working with the best sawyer I've ever seen, not met. I also got three eight foot logs about 28" in diameter. Gonna have 'em sawn up (in addition to the ones I have stockpiled) and dried in my buddy's kiln, and redo the living room in Black Walnut.

How cool is that?

The major gloat, though, was working with Doug, common namesake with both first and middle names. We took out seven trees today, many real close to another friend's farmhouse. Half of them were in excess of 4' in diameter. In three hours.

This guy's amazing. He did most of it by himself, and the rest of us just stood back and marveled. My buddy with the farmhouse was just as amazed as I was, and it's his son-in-law.

I'll be back to cut up a lot of big wood, and have a high lift front end loader to load the pieces in my trailer this time!

I'm a happy man...

Doug Trembath
Studio in the Woods

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