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Tung Oil question:

David Hammond, in Powder Springs GA
>I'm finally getting a bunch of bowls near tung oil perfection, for an open house I'm planning in July. I've got about twenty in various stages, and five or six that are within a final coat. The finish is looking great - I've sanded with oil through 1000 grit, and have at least five or six coats on these five or six bowls that are really close. The finish is a nice, deep high gloss, but the feel of the oil is a little harsh, a little less "smooth" than it looks. Not that it feels as if they are scratches or trash in the finish, but the oil just has a hardness to it, that isn't quite as appealing as I'd like. I'd like to try rubbing down these bowls with paste wax to deepen the shine, and give the bowls a softer, more tactile feel to them. Pro's an con's with paste wax? I noticed Dominic buffed his tung oil finished cherry bowl with the Beall system, which I believe uses carnabua (sp?) wax on the final buff - would that be a better route? I like the gloss, but I'm looking for a better feel, a somewhat deeper finish, something a little more like old furniture that has been waxed and rubbed for years. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.


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