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Finishing Cedar

Rob Moser
>I came across a really nice piece of cedar, about 14 inches in diameter, with beautiful color, I turned it into a 14 inch natural rim bowl which I will be posting pics of soon, but I can't seem to get a good finish on it. I've tried many thing and I don't know if it is the oils in the cedar or something. I buffed it and it looked pretty good, but it didn't have the depth I wanted, so I polyurethaned it like I do most of my turnings which come out with nice glass smooth deep finish, but it wouldn't work on the cedar, some spots wouldn't dry etc..., so I ended up having to put danish oil on it, which is working good so far, I'm still finishing it as I write. So does anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong, or what finish would be better??? I've finished about 1/2 dozen cedar bowls, but nothing like this has ever happened with them...Thanks

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Finishing Cedar
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